Morning Cigars


To me there isn’t a better start to the day than a mild cigar with a cup of coffee.

One of my favorites is the Perdomo Champagne,  it’s mild with just a hint of cedar and mixes well with you black and bitter coffee drinkers or the rest of you who enjoy foo-foo.


Another great choice for the first cigar of the day is the Padron 1926 Serie. I prefer the Corona size, but with Padron any size is perfect.  The Padron has a little more strength,  paired with a finish and smoothness like no other.

Morning cigar choices can help you clear you’re mind and enjoy the newspaper or sort you’re plan of approach for the rest of the week.

I am giving the Padron 1926 Serie Corona 10 Smoke Rings and the Perdomo Champagne 8 Smoke Rings.

Enjoy the morning,  seize the day, and relax the evening.

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