My Father El Centurion

Tonight’s smoke another “My Father” cigar, this one is the new El Centurion. Don Pepin, continues to make what he does best and that’s a great cigar.

The cigar pre-light was flawless, the wrapper clean and no veins. The burn and draw were perfect, this is a milder smoke than the le Bijou and yet still a great flavor. This is a slightly less expensive cigar than others he has produced and can easily be a daily cigar.


I will bestow 9 Smoke rings on this, and not a ten just because the le Bijou is my favorite and in a league of it’s own.

4 thoughts on “My Father El Centurion

  1. This cigar may possibly lure me into purchase but I’ve had My Father cigars and have been very unimpressed. Saying that, I know full well that I am the minority when it comes to these cigars. But, I’d also be willing to revisit and even try slightly different blends. The Centurion does interest me.

  2. This is a great choice to get you back into the My Father line. Lots of flavor and a medium profile on the strength, i enjoyed this cigar alot.

  3. I will have to check it out.

    Since I’m on this thread, is there a way to tell new posts? So far I’ve been going back to sections I’ve posted in and I see new posts but it would be nice as this grows to be able to find them. Thanks.

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