Nat Sherman Timeless Super Lancero

A recent trip to my favorite cigar shop turned into a great find. The owner Christian told me as soon as I walked in that I would love these. There’s only a few people I trust with my palate but he’s one.


I have always loved Lancero cigars because the flavor profile is much more defined and in the hands of a good roller these are a work of art. The construction of these Nat Sherman’s is flawless. The burn was very consistent and sharp, even in the 30 mph winds I am smoking in.

This cigar took me back instantly with the first few draws, the flavor hit a memory. I can describe it as when your roasting marshmallows, and you burn one just a bit. Then you still decide to eat it anyway, that black crispy part of the marshmallow is what this lancero reminds me of and I love it.

I will be picking up a few more of these immediately, this Nat Sherman rates a 9 on the Smoke Ring scale. I love these cigars. If you have never tried Lanceros, you should. There is nothing comparable to the flavor profile they deliver, bigger ring gauge is not always better!

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