Navy retirement… career

There comes a point in ever “Sailors” career when you need to hang up the “Dixie Cup” and start a new adventure. I officially retired a month or so ago. I put a retired Navy sticker on my car and that made it official. Today I made a trip to the mailbox and holy shit! My old buddy Sam Leccia, also a Navy vet and now world class cigar maker dropped a box of his fantastic cigars in my lap.

2014-03-07 14.59.53I have reviewed these in the past and enjoyed the hell out of them. I was down to one or two left and this couldn’t have came at a better time. I just finished up week #2 at my new career, production manager at a winery. I can only think of one other thing that goes better with wine than a good cigar.

2014-03-07 15.00.21 If you want a fine cigar with a crisp clean burn, lots of fantastic smoke, produced from an easy draw and a smooth finish please check out Sam Leccia’s line of work. He made the “Nub” famous, Oliva owes him big time. Check out his site and pick some of these beauties up at your local B&M! 15.01.09The line of cigars by Sam deserve a 10 Smoke Ring rating!

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