ND Cigars La Casa Grande Custom Event sticks

These cigars are like nothing I have seen before and was a bit thrown aback when I got them in the mail, they are custom made for your event cigars! Who knew such a thing existed? I received 4 cigars in the mail and I immediately had to show them off to some friends, we all had a pretty good laugh because of the custom print of my name on the band. Pretty classy label guys 😉

The company ND cigars / LCGcigars out of the Bronx makes these for weddings and parties, and retail for around $10ea with a minimum of 50 cigars for the custom bands, see flyer pic below for more info on that. Or you can buy them without the special bands for less.

The cigars smelled amazing, and are very reminiscent of Cubans I’ve …smelled, which is sort of a sweet/sour, smells great…really great. They advertise them as Cuban seed Dominicans. Construction was flawless. Now let’s get to taste, they are very mild. Which makes sense, if you have a party with people that are not seasoned cigar smokers; you don’t want to blow their heads off with a triple maduro ligero and send them all to the ER. The mildness was a whole new level, milder than a Zino Platinum or a Davidoff or Romeo but still delivering a bit of flavor and is comparable to the aforementioned. I think the goal is to please crowds of norm-o’s and non-smokers, it’s so mild that it wouldn’t offend a baby in church. I smoked the corona natural and the corona maduro, both tasted the same which I thought was odd, but that’s the goal I guess…mild. I shared the other two cigars and their feedback was the same as mine.

I have to settle on a smoke ring rating now, I’ll do a conditional rating since this is a cigar for a brave new awesome cigar-party World.
Condition 1: If you are having an event and want to be an awesome host and give out cigars with your custom label that anyone can enjoy- then this is for you: it’s a 10, it fulfills this role perfectly, just be sure to have a few extra stronger cigars in ready reserve for your cigar smoking friends.
Condition 2: On the normal Benscigars scale: it’s a 6 for me, which isn’t bad considering I prefer medium to full cigars.

 P1000699 (Large)

P1000700 (Large)

P1000701 (Large)


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