Nica Libre 1990 Potencia

2014-09-07 11.12.47Damn the cold weather is tough on cigar smokers. I am in a cold area of the country right now and it is sunny but not enough. This cigar the Nica Libre 1990 Potencia did fight off some of the cold.

5 mins- easy draw, enough pepper and spice to get my attention from the beginning

15 mins- this has matured into a great cigar, had one a few months back and wasn’t impressed but this really has redeemed my memory of this, there is definitely a pepper and cocoa flavor that reminds me of a chai ( I know, laugh that I drink chai occasionally)

30 mins- the spice has mellowed into just a hint and the cocoa moved to a coffee I can definitely see myself smoking the others I have soon

1 hour- this is a finger burner, who would have guessed the perfect age on a Nica is 8 months and then magic

This is proof never to judge a cigar on just one smoke, give them a chance to age, rest, and mature. This went from 4 Smoke Rings into a solid 7 Smoke Rings. I would definitely recommend these.

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