OpusX – Angels share

Initial smells like Cap’n Crunch cereal, never had a cigar smell like that. I literally sat here and smelled it ‘unlit’ for 10 minutes, such a treat. Drinking Eagle Rare Bourbon. Looks like 50×6.5 but I’m not 100% sure, this cigar was a gift.

10min: sooooo damn smooth you want to smoke the whole cigar now in one gulp, has ‘no’ bite. Its like expensive champagne…that someone else bought.

20min: I am smoking this quickly, just enjoying a bit too much.

40min: Slightly mouth drying but only slightly. Fixed with a drink of booze.

70min: No mouth coating, just freaking great.

90min: No issues, taste is the same throughout the cigar. Very good.

120min: Smoke to nearly the nub. It shut down at half an inch.

conclusion: This is a mild/medium body cigar that is quite amazing. I’m not sure what it costs, but would imagine its a lot. Its quite enjoyable. 9 rings. Not 10 because well, it was uni-dimensional. Which is great in its own regard however it didn’t make me want to change my religion. That said, I would certainly smoke the hell out of these. They are great for mild smokers and medium guys. Great smoke.

IMG_20141231_192312 (Large)

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