Opus X Fuente Fuente


So before the big Bama game my wife who is an Arkansas grad and die hard Razorback fan were going to walk our dogs. I had no idea what cigar to smoke so I asked her to pick me one out from my Wineador stash.

I really had no idea what she would choose, but I expected something “pretty”. I am always surprised at how much she really pays attention to my cigar babble, and today was no different. She kept the cigar a secret till we get to the woods and then surprises me by producing one of my favorite cigars of all time.

If you experience the “what do I smoke” conundrum, try it ask your significant other or maybe if you feel lucky a friend who you trust in your humidor to pick your cigar. I will be doing this again.

Kate chose the Opus X, because our first vacation a couple years ago was to Vegas and she remembered how much I had been drawn to “Casa Fuente”, and she loved their Mojitos so much she had the bartender give her the recipe before we left.

I have to give the Opus X Fuente Fuente 10 Smoke Rings. Everything about it screams perfect!


After the dog walk, we settled down to football with my homemade chili and a few beverages.


2 thoughts on “Opus X Fuente Fuente

  1. I think we have very similar likes in flavor profiles. This is an awesome smoke and living in Vegas I get to have a few of your wife’s favorite mojitos as well.
    Next time you should try an Old Cuban with your FFOX.. Think you will like the drink.

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