Ortega – Wild Bunch – Da Byrdman


6×54 $8?

Initial: Dark wrapper. Visible veins. Smells like bittersweet cocoa. Got this from Ben, thanks! Drinking Bourbon.

5 min: Bitter Cocoa flavor is the best i’m getting off this, also mixed in is “burning pile of weeds”. Slightly mouth drying.

10 min: Very stiff ash. Ehh, flavor is the same.

30 min: 2″ gone. One dimensional. Still bitter.

45 min: ehhh, I hate to do a bad review of a cigar. But this one is gonna get one, It’s just not enjoyable to me. It smokes fine…nice burn, but tastes bitter.

60 min: Burning plastic flavor. Fuck this. I’m done. 4″ remain.

Final: I’ve liked other Ortegas in the past. I expected more and it didn’t deliver. Did make my hands and smoking room smell of burning weeds and plastic, and trashed my mouth for the next cigar… thanks. 1 ring.

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