Padron 3000 Maduro Robusto


First round of golf in a while, needed a good cigar to kick start my game. The Padron 3000 Maduro Robusto, has become a baseline for me. I smoke these cigars on a regular occasion.


Padron ages the Maduro wrappers for 3 years, the flavors in turn are amazing. Secondly, the consistency. The quality control at Padron is probably as good or maybe better than Toyota (had two recalls on my Toyota, zero on my Padrons). Lastly, these 3000 series cigars are usually $5-$6 a stick. Why wouldn’t I smoke a Padron for  that price?


Yes, there are some trendy boutique blends out there with their cool names, funny glasses, and other skinny jeans gimmicks. I enjoy some of them a lot  (Nomad),  when I am out for a round of golf and my golf game is bad. I want some quality and consistency in my cigar to make up for my shanks and hooks.

I would also like the mention, the Perfecto Cigar Holder. This is a great piece of equipment if you are a golfer or boater. The holder clips on anywhere and holds you’re cigar while you shank you’re shot or are grabbing a beer from the cooler. These are a must have!

I am giving this Padron 9 Smoke Rings! Pick some of these up, keep them on hand in you’re humidor. At the price there is no reason you shouldn’t.

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