Padron 4000 Maduro

2015-01-20 07.58.34The Padron 4000 series Maduro in the Toro Vitola.

I am not sure why I don’t see more cigar smokers pulling these out of the humidors either at home or in the local shops. First they are fantastic, secondly the flavor is deep and rich, and lastly they are cheaper than it’s more expensive 1926/1964 counter parts.

I would have to say for the money you cannot beat this. I think it may be the plain band. Some smokers think the flashy label may give it more cigar lounge appeal or even better smoking qualities. I always have a box or 3 of these in the 3000 series in my humidor.

Now to the smoke!

The wrapper was a little veiny and you can see it clearly in the photo. The dry draw was very easy and a definite flavor of coffee beans is dominant. I am not usually a toro cigar smoker, only because it’s a good 90 minutes to really nub and get every gram of flavor out that should be enjoyed.

15 mins- the flavor is deep, the smoke dark, and the draw perfect

40 mins- nothing but consistency with this cigar, not sure why I would expect anything else from one of the best cigar families in the business

60 mins- into the last third and definitely relishing the flavor, it has gotten just a tad milder but the flavor has improved and really getting a malty taste on the retrohale

80 mins- this is burning the fingers, trying to get every penny from this piece of art

I am giving this Padron 4000 series Maduro “8 Smoke Rings”! I am sure anyone who likes a maduro cigar with a consistent flavor from cut to ash will appreciate this and all of the “Series” cigars in the line.

This cigar was provided by “Famous Smokeshop” and a link to this cigar is provided. I am not saying they are the best seller for online cigars but definitely one I check out and use pretty often.


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