Luchador by Leccia Tobacco

If you’re a fan of wrestling then Luchador is a familiar term. If you’re a cigar smoker it needs to be! Sam Leccia has once again touched gold. This is one smooth cigar, the blend is perfect.  Not one bit of problem with the burn or draw. The flavor is a medium to full in…


Hemingway Short Story by Arturo Fuente

Living in the country has its benefits,  a slow winding road and a good cigar make for a nice morning.  The Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva short story is one hell of a companion. This is a perfect cigar on many levels. The flavor is impeccable. The burn on a shorter cigar needs and must be…


Payback by Room 101

The mail man cometh, with Paybacks! I received these in the mail from Bellezia Tobacco Shop and a good friend David K. This guy knows my flavor profile and really knows his stuff. The Payback is a smooth transition from cutting the cap to nubbing it out. The draw is effortless.  Burns as smooth as…


Hustler by 7-20-4 Cigars

The Hustler by 7-20-4 Cigars, a.k.a. Kendall. This is a thing of beauty and the flavor is delicious. Barber poles are hard to get right, but when they are….they are great! This is the first barber pole by 7-20-4 and comes in a few different vitolas, but the Robusto is my choice. The burn was…

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Don Duarte Reserva Toro Grande

The Don Duarte Reserva Toro Grande is one tasty cigar. It is a bigger ring gauge than I usually smoke (6×60), but this cigar was well worth the venture out of my zone of regular cigars. This is a Nicaraguan puro from the Plasencia factory blended by Don Roger Duarte and the legendary Evelio Oviedo.The…


Padron 1964 Anniversary

This is the shortest and easiest review I have written.  Padron 1964 Anniversary Series,  is one amazing cigar! There is no reason that you shouldn’t have at least 5 of these cigars in any humidor you own. This is a 10 Smoke Ring cigar, and possibly the industry standard all cigar makers would love to…


Alec Bradley Fine and Rare

Fine & Rare has been resting in my humidor for over 2 years. Sunday morning at the golf course meant it is getting ashed. When the cellophane is yellow it usually means it’s time to smoke what is inside. I have a few more of these from the same batch and they will definitely be…


Quality delivery

The mail man made my day. Quality of this magnitude needs no explanation.  If you haven’t tried a Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro you should. The review for this cigar will be posted tomorrow after I enjoy 3 of them tonight.


Las Calaveras

The thunderstorms rolled in and I rolled out a new cigar to enjoy. The Las Calaveras by Crowned Heads. I had seen these start to pop up around the B&B and thought they looked great but no one really had any gouge on the profile. Well, I can say without a doubt this is a…


Kentucky Fire Cured by Drew Estate

Heard so much about the Kentucky Fire Cured cigar I had to try a few. I really didn’t understand the hype behind this cigar and still don’t after smoking three of them for a review. The flavor of the cigar is very odd to me, almost like too much liquid smoke on a steak.  There…