Payback by Room 101


The mail man cometh, with Paybacks!

I received these in the mail from Bellezia Tobacco Shop and a good friend David K. This guy knows my flavor profile and really knows his stuff.


The Payback is a smooth transition from cutting the cap to nubbing it out. The draw is effortless.  Burns as smooth as well, you fill in the blank. I had a few Room 101 cigars before and there just seemed to be an after taste that I couldn’t handle. Payback has won me back over.


I couldn’t get over the nice hazelnut and oaky flavors from this cigar. I had to enjoy this until it burned my fingers and luckily had a spare to enjoy after that.


I have another Payback left to smoke,  but it might take a while since it’s a 7 X 70!!

These are definitely an 8 Smoke Rings cigar.  The price on these is very reasonable and can be found most anywhere at the $4-6 range in the Robusto size. I enjoyed it and will be adding more to my collection.

One thought on “Payback by Room 101

  1. I recently had this and was not very impressed. It smoked well and tasted okay but for me it was not necessarily a great cigar. I’m more of a fan of the older Room 101 cigars.

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