Perdomo Double Aged 12 Yr Sungrown

Perdomo Double Aged 12 Yr Sungrown

7×56 Churchill $11 limited ed. Bought from Buy 3 get 1 free woo hoo! Got a mixed box, Connecticut on left, Sungrown pictured right.

Initial: Smoked several of these and the Connecticut version, but not the Maduro…yet. Smooth and perfect outer appearance. Hefty stick, has a substantial weight to it. In the past they have smoked for over two hours, but wasn’t keeping too accurate of a track. Let see how long this one lasts. Aged in bourbon soaked oak barrels, which if perfect for my choice of drink tonight…bourbon!


10 min: Honey notes, yum. Draw is perfect, which isn’t surprising. Perdomo draw tests every single cigar.

20 min: Only 1/2″ gone. Going slow.

30 min: A bit less than 1″ is now up in smoke. I just read the CI description, says it tastes of “bold flavors of oak and almond.” They got it right.

60 min: The sungrown’ness gives this just a touch of pepper to the smoke in the air, but to me is not detectable on the tongue. 1/3 of the ‘gar is smoked.

90 min: Still kicking ass! 4.5″ remain.

120 min: Imagine smoking an ISOM, but with 10x flavor and smooth. 3.5″ remain.

130 min: No palette fatigue. No mouth coating. No nicotine boosting fillers. Just a great smoking stick. Getting stronger near end.

150 min: Had to re-light. 2″ remain. Burn rate slows the more you smoke it, but flavor intensifies.

180 min: Three hours! Its not like I’m dicking around here either, just watching a lot of garbage TV and smoking….err and writing this. Smoked it down to .5″.

Final: Smokes better than every $30 cigar out there. This is serious and sophisticated cigar, and lasts three times longer than others. I smoke most cigars in an hour or so, if you think about it and time average it, this is a $90 cigar…haha! With the buy 3 get 1 free, this only makes it $2.75 an hour! That said, this line is the best Perdomo has made to date. And thank you for making it affordable. 9.5 Smoke rings. Why not 10? I prefer the Connecticut over the sungrown, just because I like a medium body, this one is medium-full, personal preference. But, will be placing it in the 10 category due to my handicap. This also deserves a BEST VALUE for ultra premium category.

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