Perdomo Double Aged Maduro

2015-01-06 06.20.25The Perdomo Double Aged Maduro, a late evening in the office relaxing with a glass of Scotch and a nice cigar.

I have been waiting to smoke the Double Aged Maduro, I have enjoyed the previous double aged releases by Nick Perdomo and enjoyed them all so this maduro was not something I was worried about enjoying.

One of the first things I like about the new release by Perdomo is the cigar band, not because of the artwork or the gold but because of the information it contains on the side. It gives you the information regarding the tobaccos used into the blending process. I am sure there are some cigar makers who would never want to share this info but Nick is really upfront about everything he does.

The cigar itself is looks great, very few veins and the seams are not visible. I chose the Churchill size for my review, I never smoke just one cigar for any review. I always smoke 3 so that I get a real feel for the blend and also any flaws that seem to be a trend like the draw or burn. Just an FYI, every Perdomo cigar…..yes EVERY PERDOMO CIGAR is draw tested at the factory. I have never had a Perdomo with a bad draw! This is the most frustrating quality to me for any cigar, bad draw——–> not smoking much of it.

The cold draw and cut of this cigar gives me a real aroma and flavor of a nice mocha. The first 1/3 of this cigar is very enjoyable and a very slow smoker. I am going to be here for a while, but when you have a nice cigar and a good bottle of Macallan 18, why would you want to rush anything?

The ash on this cigar really hangs on until I am worried about wearing it. I am over halfway through and I am into my second glass. The cigar seems to have spiced up and the peat from the Scotch is a perfect compliment.

I am about an hour in, down to the band and the spice has continued to mellow. I have not needed to relight or even touch up the burn line at all. This is definitely one of the best Perdomo’s I have had and would put it up against any other current so called Maduro releases. The word Maduro does not mean harsh or funny colored smoke, it means strong and darkly colored.

I am giving this Perdomo Double Aged Maduro 10 Smoke Rings. I enjoyed every draw and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a bold but enjoyable cigar.



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