Perdomo Double Aged Vintage

2014-11-22 14.28.08 I got these in a sampler that a friend of mine and I have going back and forth across the USA. I couldn’t find these around me and had mentioned it to him. I am glad I did. He got me into cigars in the beginning and made sure I didn’t smoke shit ones on my learning curve. This Perdomo Double Aged Vintage is one hell of a cigar.

I am not sure why these are not in the same conversation with Opus, Padron, Davidoff because they damn sure should be. This is value in price and flavor. The Churchill size might scare some people but definitely pick one or two of these up in the future. The mild increase in flavor leaves you with a full bodied nub and 2 hours of pleasure.

I can’t say enough about how good of cigar maker Nick Perdomo is, he and I chat regularly and I always say the same thing to him “thanks for a great cigar”. I am not sure he hears it enough but this guy give a shit about the cigar industry and his customers.

For the quality of this cigar I am giving it 10 Smoke Rings. John, enjoy the “beans” and some cigars are headed back to your side of the world.

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