Perla del Mar Box Press

Sometimes the drive to work is just a little better with a cigar. This morning I chose the Perla del Mar Box press.


This is a mild to medium bodied stick with plenty of flavor. The box press is one of my favorite styles of cigar and I think it makes for an easy to hold cigar and a very smooth draw when made correctly.


This is a Nicaraguan blend of long and short filler, assembled by the J.C. Newman cigar company who also makes Brickhouse cigars.

The first third of the cigar lacked a little flavor but really delivered the caramel and pepper in the last half of the smoke. I nubbed this stick and can say I enjoyed it but, nothing compels Mr to rush out and buy more.


I am giving this cigar 6 Smoke Rings, the value is there for a great middle of the road smoker.

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