Pre flight Matilde


A few hours on a plane need to be preceded with a good cigar. I chose the Matilde and a quiet place down on the Tar River here in Greenville, NC just a few blocks from the East Carolina University campus.

I picked a couple of these up from Blackbeard Cigars and have really enjoyed the trip. The shop was friendly, told me about a good place for oysters and a good cigar selection.

The Matilde is a mild to medium bodied cigar with a malty flavor and just a hint of pecans. Smoking a cigar on the Tar River just seemed like a fitting location.


I had the park to myself and only a few runners passed by one of which said the cigar smelled like a better use of time. I told him I ran 7 miles yesterday along the river and felt like I deserved a cigar today.


I am giving the Matilde 7 Smoke Rings. The flavor is great, the burn good but the draw is a little tight.

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