Quesada Oktoberfest

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I wanted to start off October with a festive cigar and a beer, so I chose the Quesada Oktoberfest.

This is a blend from the “Quesada family (Fonseca cigars)”. At first glance the wrapper looked very oily and dark almost, like a maduro cigar but it smoked much smoother. The cigar had some great flavors to it and the Dominican tobacco really paired well with my “pumpkin beer”.

The burn and draw of this stick were great and there were no issues with either. I would recommend you smoke this with something a little sweet to drink because my pumpkin beer really magnified the great flavors from it. Towards the end of the cigar it had some flavors of cinnamon with a little pepper.

I am giving this cigar 7 Smoke Rings, and think that with a little more age that this could really be a great stick.


9 thoughts on “Quesada Oktoberfest

  1. Ben I agree with you 100% on the wrapper. I was expecting a much harsher smoke but was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and mild it was. Construction on mine was great, even burn, easy draw and great ash! I paired mine with a manhattan and loved every second of it. I will also remember it because my brother in law and I were outside smoking when a flash of green crossed the sky. Later found out it was a meteor. I would say it might have more
    Complex flavors with age but overall I did enjoy it!

  2. Smoke one few months back.. I really enjoyed it to!! Good thing I’ve got a few that have been aging since last year… Might have to break one out one my birthday next week..

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