Reinado Cigars Grand Empire Reserve

2013-10-16 15.51.54

Have you had a cigar that you wished just lasted longer and would keep burning? I really believe this is one of those cigars. The Grand Reserve by Reinado Cigars is one of the new lines of Nicaraguan puros to be on the market and the flavors from this cigar are amazing.

I had this cigar sent to me by the manufacturer and really appreciated the simplicity of their package. One cigar with a note attached “Enjoy”. That’s standing behind your product and just putting out what you have and letting the smoker take it or leave it. Well, I will take it and will be buying a few more of these and would recommend you do the same if you enjoy Nicaraguan tobacco.

I am giving this cigar 8 Smoke Rings, the flavors were amazing the craftsmanship impeccable, and the only thing holding back the cigar I smoked was a little uneven burn. I would have easily smoked a few more of these, but looks like I will be browsing my normal cigar shops looking for these soon. 

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