Rocky Patel Decade

The weather is frozen! Best way for me to describe it, been about 15 ℉ most of the day but wanted to creep out for a cigar and a dog walk. I chose the Rocky Patel Decade.

The appearance of the cigar is fantastic. The oily wrapper, the yellow band to give it the aged look, and that is where it stops.

I lit this cigar up with a free frame of mind. I am not a fan usually of Rocky Patel cigars, I wanted to give this a fair shot. I tried. Nothing about this cigar is favorable for me. Some of you may enjoy them. If you do, leave a comment on the review and the remaining cigars by Rocky that I own are yours.

The burn was wacky, the draw was experimental, the flavor was stale.

I am iving this cigar 4 Smoke Rings. Rocky you did me a favor, tomorrow I will evacuate your cigars from my possession.

6 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Decade

  1. There are a few RP that I enjoy. That is one. The sun grown and edge Sumatra is another. Although not great smoke…not bad either.

  2. I haven’t tried any in over a year. But they used to be pretty good. I’ve still got 2 in the humi I’ve had for a couple years.
    But I have a few buddies that say they aren’t what they used to be by a long shot.

  3. I didn’t like them at all. I ended up tossing mine in the fire. The reviews and ratings for this cigar were way off the mark. In short, utter garbage.

  4. I bought some a couple years ago, I thought they were really good….great actually and I don’t even like Rocky cigars in general. Maybe they are inconsistent, which is why I don’t buy Rockys.

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