Rocky Patel Private Cellar

2013-11-06 14.10.40

Randomly grabbing a cigar from the top shelf today, and I chose the Rocky Patel Private Cellar.

I want to say first, the last couple of Rocky Patel cigars have given me a little bit of a grudge to the label, but this Private Cellar changed my opinion at least for the short term. The aroma and draw pre light were both very nice, a hint of leather and mild almond flavors.

The burn was not amazing and did need to be touched up about halfway through, but the finish on this cigar was great. I really enjoyed the large plumes of smoke this Private Cellar produced and I do like lots of smoke from a cigar. This really was an intense cigar from RP, in the past I haven’t had the real enjoyment from them with the exception of the “Decade” but this cigar came very close. This is a pretty decent full bodied maduro cigar, that I could enjoy on a more regular basis. The price isn’t bad at around $7 a stick and I am sure with a little net searching you may find them cheaper.

2013-11-06 14.45.30

Overall, I am giving this cigar 6 Smoke Rings. The burn could have been improved and maybe it’s a low rating because of the other RP’s I have not enjoyed. If I smoke a few more of these and they are more consistent I would easily move it to a medium 7.

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  1. I got one of these free iin a goodie bag at a cigar dinner this spring. I like u was I guess pleasantly surprised by how decent it was. I have not sought out more but I’d have one again.

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