RoMa Craft Limited Edition Craft La Campana de panama soberana


RoMa Craft Limited Edition Craft La Campana de panama soberana

Pyramid 5×60 $13.50

Initial: Got this from Ben, thanks! Nice construction. Covered foot was harder to light than a cut or shaggy foot. Strong, feels the nicotine…Kentucky Pennsylvania tobacco filler I’m guessing. Drinking a bourbon with this.

5 minutes: smooth, but astringent aftertaste…hmm.

10 minutes: wow, really nice flavors now and changed so much after since 5 minutes ago. Wood and chestnut and almond flavors. Astringency is subsiding. Nice burn, heated up for action now I guess.

20 minutes: Mouth-drying due to what I suspect (but cant prove without taking the cigar apart and I only have 1 of these) is a secret small strip of Kentucky Pennsylvania broad leaf tobacco; a trend in the industry that gives the cigar a huge punch of nicotine, but is mouth drying due to the astringency. Some people like the huge hit of nicotine, but not me. It makes me a wee bit queasy. Despite the ill’effect, I carry on because the flavor is nice enough, but I have to slow down on this cigar. Apparently, they make a maduro version too that is stronger…I cant imagine.

40 minutes: Draw is effortless, but just a bit too much. Such is the physics of a pyramid. This dosage of nicotine cant be healthy. I can feel my blood pressure dropping. A bit of sugar will have to be my medicine.

45 minutes: A teaspoon of sugar helped, but I’m still not 100%. This cigar has good flavor but the nicotine level is annoying. I like cigars, but I don’t like to get sick. I’m getting a boiling fury of anger now. I want to smoke this damn thing, but have to wait 5 minutes between puffs now. Burn is perfect.

50 minutes: I’ve only smoked 1/3 of this god forsaken hell hound. I am struggling with my man hood now. Thinking of putting it down for good.

60 minutes: Hell with it. I’m gonna take this apart.


First incision

The wrapper is top left, binder top right, filler bottom left, and the bottom right is a little dark strand of something evil was in the center. I suspect its a Kentucky– Pennsylvania bastard. But I cant prove it without genetic testing, which aint gonna happen lol. It smelled and tasted potent.

Final: My experience was 5 smoke rings, but if you like huge doses of nicotine add a smoke ring or three. I asked Ben what he would have reviewed it as: 9 smoke rings. So, I have decided to not give this any official rating because this cigar is for someone else. Someone else with a massive cigar callous. Its not for me, so I cant judge it fairly. Its a 1000 horse power dragster, and I don’t drag race.

Edit: You can see Ben’s “9” review of this cigar here.

Edit 2: 12-27-2014. Correction. I put Kentucky as the maker of the strong strips of tobacco, when I meant Pennsylvania.


***After speaking with the maker, we were informed the tobacco mentioned in the center of the cigar was Esteli Ligero

John G.

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