Room 101 LTD “OSOK” One Shot One Kill

2013-09-21 16.24.05

Sometimes you get lucky when a friend sends you cigars and today was one of them. I had the pleasure of smoking a Room 101 “OSOK” (One Shot One Kill”, this is a tasty choice.

The pre light inspection requires a little work you must remove the paper and it reveals a nice looking cigar that had a flawless wrapper with no veins and a faint aroma of coffee with a little spice. The burn of the cigar was very even and the draw was perfect. I really enjoyed this cigar and there is something about the mix of the Dominican and Honduran tobacco that gives it a very pleasant taste during and after this cigar.

I am giving this cigar 8 Smoke Rings. I would definitely recommend this cigar for anyone who wants to change up their normal routine and try something with a little different spice.

2013-09-21 16.24.42


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