Royal Danish Cigars Regal Blend Queens

I have aged these Royal Danish cigars for about 4 months since receiving them from

First the presentation of the cigar is amazing, the unwrapping to get it ready to smoke is an experience and feels elegant the way the name wants it to. The aroma is like aged cedar and a hint of almonds. The pre-light draw is just a bit tight but the flavor is great.

10 mins- the draw stays a little tight, the smoke is deep and dark, an aroma of almonds and pepper are very noticeable2014-11-05 16.42.16

20 mins- the draw has opened up and the burn is even, the spice has increased and the flavor profile is much more full bodied this is not a cigar for a novice to appreciate, I can tell this is a nicotine attack

45 mins- the real meat and potatoes of this cigar has shown through and the dark meatiness with a great flavor left on the retro-hale make this a great cigar

I can see why Davidoff has partnered with Royal Danish, this is a European styled cigar at it’s finest. The flavor and complexity are amazing and yet very noticeable. I would recommend finding these and smoking a few, if nothing else but for the experience of a new cigar away from the norm and out of your routine of daily smokes. Royal Danish has managed to make a fantastic cigar. I hope these become available in the state soon, but if not my “hook up” in Holland will just have to send more.2014-11-05 17.01.58

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