San Cristobal Fabuloso 6×52 Torpedo

2013-08-21 17.00.03Today’s review comes once again from the Ashton cigar family and is one of their boutique blends made entirely of Nicaraguan tobacco. It is made by Don Pepin Garcia for Ashton in Estelli, Nicaraugua. This alone should draw some of the My Father fans to this cigar immediately. I would really recommend this cigar to anyone who may want to try the My Father Flor de Antillas, but who doesn’t like a “Rosado” wrapper.

The first thing I noticed after removing the cellophane was that the San Cristobal had an impeccable feel to wrapper and very smooth with no imperfections.The cigar was very consistent throughout the entire smoke and really had some earthy tones to the flavor as well as a little bit of dark chocolate. The last quarter of the cigar was somewhat peppery and really accentuated the finish on the cigar.

2013-08-21 17.03.42

Some cigars really have a way of surprising me and this one did for sure. I enjoy a cigar that offers some heavy smoke and this cigar snuck that in on me. I would easily give this cigar an 8 on the Smoke Rings scale. If you havent tried this and want to they are a relatively inexpensive cigar within the Ashton cigar family at around $8.00. I picked mine up at and will definitely be buying a few more of these for my collection.

By the way, 10 days till College Football. Roll Tide!


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