San Cristobal Revelation


This is a cigar I have seen in a few publications and wanted to see if the advertising matched the quality. 

The San Cristobal line is a partnership between Ashton and Don Pepin and they are made at the Pepin factory in Nicaragua.  The construction of the cigar is typical Pepin…..perfect! The burn and draw were great but the cigar did seem to feel a little soft in places but it didn’t effect the smoke.

I have been trying to get out of the rut of only smoking Nicaraguan blends and it’s hard now how the market has anchored itself in Estelli. 

I do enjoy the Revelation,  the flavor is nice and the strength is a good medium. This would be a great choice for a morning cigar and maybe a Bloody Mary to give it the spice it is lacking. Overall the Revelation is just an average cigar with a beautiful band and a veiny wrapper. 


I  giving the San Cristobal Revelation a solid 6 Smoke Rings. The advertising worked, I bought a couple.  The flavor didn’t. These are too expensive for a golf cigar and not the quality for a regular.  I won’t be adding more of these to my rotation.

2 thoughts on “San Cristobal Revelation

    • Agreed, I had two of them and was not impressed. I do love the original San Cristobal cigars tho. The Revelation was not what I thought it would be.

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