Perdomo Champagne Epicure – Good way to start the day

There’s not too many cigars you can have first thing in the morning that will get your taste buds ready like a 10th Anniversary Perdomo Champagne.

Nick Perdomo, has really made a quality cigar. Speaking to some people who haven’t tried it, or those who went away from his brand I really encourage them to give it a shot. The cigar is in my opinion under priced for it’s quality, and that’s rare in this “boutique cigar” era. He keeps it simple yet perfect.

2 thoughts on “Perdomo Champagne Epicure – Good way to start the day

  1. Everyone always looks for the 20th Ann. cigars from Perdomo but the 10th are some really good choices also. The Champagne especially. I agree, a good early day cigar.

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