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Padron 4000 Maduro

The Padron 4000 series Maduro in the Toro Vitola. I am not sure why I don’t see more cigar smokers pulling these out of the humidors either at home or in the local shops. First they are fantastic, secondly the flavor is deep and rich, and lastly they are cheaper than it’s more expensive 1926/1964…


Padron 1964 Anniversary

This is the shortest and easiest review I have written.  Padron 1964 Anniversary Series,  is one amazing cigar! There is no reason that you shouldn’t have at least 5 of these cigars in any humidor you own. This is a 10 Smoke Ring cigar, and possibly the industry standard all cigar makers would love to…


Quality delivery

The mail man made my day. Quality of this magnitude needs no explanation.  If you haven’t tried a Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro you should. The review for this cigar will be posted tomorrow after I enjoy 3 of them tonight.


Morning Cigars

To me there isn’t a better start to the day than a mild cigar with a cup of coffee. One of my favorites is the Perdomo Champagne,  it’s mild with just a hint of cedar and mixes well with you black and bitter coffee drinkers or the rest of you who enjoy foo-foo. Another great…

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Padron Series 2000

Today was the first day I needed gloves on my cigar walk. I chose the Padron Series 2000 for this chilly afternoon. I would like to say this is one hell of a cigar not even mentioning the bargain you can usually find these for, around $5 almost anywhere. The first thing I noticed with…