Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial

2014-11-07 13.28.35Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial, this has been a cigar I was chasing for a while. There had been so many good reviews about it I needed to try it for myself. This cigar like all Tat’s are rolled at the My Father factory in Esteli, NIca.

The wrapper was a little rough and looked dated. The prelight draw was easy and the cut was clean through the cap.

5 mins- the burn is even and a little fast, the flavor of the sumatra wrapper is easily recognized and the spectrum is broad

15 mins- just a nice even burn, with an abundance of smoke and the ash hangs on thanks to good long filler, the flavor is deeper and a touch of spice

2014-11-07 13.23.4225 mins- the vanilla and full bodied flavors are attacking me now its like a pepper switch was turned on and released

45 mins- the last inch of this cigar is the best, the smoke is cool and the flavor still strong deep past the area of the cigar band

I am giving this cigar 9 Smoke Rings, this is the way a cigar should be blended. Its sneaks in with a mild flavor and then the trigger is pulled to attack your palate. Way to go PHJ.

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