Tatuaje Cojonu 2006

20141031_162939Tatuaje Cojonu 2006, deep dark flavor combined with complexity.

This Cojonu is an example of a great blender combined with a factory of meticulous rollers producing a cigar that needs no improvement.

5 minutes – a mellow beginning with an easy draw and even burn

15 minutes – the multiple attacks on my palate with combinations of pepper & spices

30 minutes – this has settled into a hickory flavored smoke

45 minutes – the final inch of this cigar is worth the wait the wrapper is off the fingers are getting warm and it’s all worth it

I am giving this 2006 Tatuaje Cojonu a nice 9 Smoke Rings. Total smoking time 1 hour 15 minutes, never needed a relight and the burn was even. These are one of Pete Johnson’s best.

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