Tatuaje Verocu


Today’s cigar was the Tatuaje Verocu 2009. I was gifted this cigar a few weeks back and had been looking¬† forward to smoking it for a while.


The burn and draw on this cigar were great and the wrapper was flawless. The Verocu had a decent peppery flavor and the spice was good for such a small cigar. The ash hung on for a good two inches. Nothing really reached out and grabbed my attention with the Verocu and honestly that’s what made it very appealing, the flavor profile was subtle and very consistent. I am giving the Verocu 8 Smoke Rings because of the way it just sneaks up and delivers a subtle yet great cigar.


I enjoyed this Tatuaje and the whole line is a great avenue of cigars to explore. Pete Johnson and Don Pepin have really done some great things together and I hope they continue.

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