The LFD to start the day


There are just a few cigars that I smoke regularly, that bring me as much enjoyment as one of these LFD’s.

I’m a huge fan of the quality and the blends that Litto Gomez brings to each and every cigar he produces.


I would hope that each and every reader if you haven’t smoked a LFD product, would buy 3 of his sticks. I smoke 3 of any cigars I review before I make a judgement. Sometimes, the first cigar is where you form an opinion. I wait until the second cigar before I base any values on a rating and then the third cigar gives me the answer.

Having been moving over the past month, starting a new career, and the weather has been turds personified. I have lapsed in getting some writing done and will be playing catch up for a week or so. There are 3 boxes of cigars waiting from a couple of manufacturers, that I have not even opened.

Stay tuned and keep the questions and comments coming. We are back in full Smokey mode!

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