Drew Estate Undercrown


2013-09-06 15.25.46If you haven’t seen these floating around over that past year or more, where have you been? This is the Undercrown by Drew Estate, a cigar made out of an accident and a little necessity by the cigar rollers making the Liga Privada line. The Undercrown is slightly milder in my opinion than the Liga Privada line and for some including myself it is a little more appealing because of that.

The cigar itself, had great construction and a flawless wrapper. The pre light smell was a little nutty and the flavor of the cigar was very consistent throughout the whole smoke. I really picked up an amazing flavor of a really dark coffee and the final third started to be a little spicy like the Liga line.

2013-09-06 15.25.30I enjoyed this cigar with a great German beer and often pair it with a good cup of coffee in the mornings. The Undercrown has become a staple in my wineador, and I am giving it 8 Smoke Rings for its flavor and consistency. These are reasonably priced sticks and you can always find a deal on them through various online merchants.


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