Ventura Cigar Project 805


Today’s smoke is being paired with Pumpkin beer from Elysian brewing in Seattle, it’s the Ventura Cigar Project 805.

Ventura cigar sent me a few of these and another cigar to sample, and so far this 805 is pretty good. I would judge it as a medium bodied cigar that produces a lot of smoke.

It has a tobacco called Andullo on the label and is mixed with other Dominican fillers to give it a really great flavor.


The ash hangs on really well, which is a good sign for me of the quality of tobacco used. The burn was crisp and the almond flavors were consistent throughout the entire smoke.

I am giving this cigar 8 Smoke Rings. This is a cigar I would buy and recommend to my friends and readers.

3 thoughts on “Ventura Cigar Project 805

  1. They contacted me and said they were sending me a sample. Got a cute little box, some stickers and 3 pieces of tobacco leaf. I didn’t smoke the loose leaf.. haha
    They sound good, guess will wait til they find a B&M in Vegas

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