Viaje 2012 Collectors Edition


I had the pleasure of smoking this Viaje Collectors Edition 2012. This was a perfecto size, which is a peculiar size to roll and sometimes doesn’t smoke very easily but this Viaje was awesome.


The smoothness and flavor was great. This is rich and creamy cigar with a perfect burn and draw. A slight woody flavor with a touch of spice. The finish was amazing and I am glad I have two more of these to smoke.

I am giving this cigar 9 Smoke Rings. The flavor was intense in such a small cigar, easily one of the best Viaje’s I have ever had.

3 thoughts on “Viaje 2012 Collectors Edition

  1. I haven’t had this blend yet I have sampled alot of Viaje shop near me has huge selection TNT C4 H&H I feel lucky for having that kind of access. I find Viaje are a good cigar construction 10 appearance 10 Flavor 7 not very complex but enjoyable. The only problem I have is the White Label project I can’t tell what is what I get some gifted to me and if I don’t tag it or forget I have a hard time telling what is it I am smoking there could be worse things in life.

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