Viaje Honey & Hand Grenade “The Shank”

2015-03-02 11.52.08The Viaje Honey & Hand Grenade “The Shank”. I have been setting on these for almost 3 years.

Thought I would crack open the box and see what age has done to these. Upon unwrapping the beautiful but useless tin foil the aroma is definitely a grassy and earthy smell. This is a cold day and my sinuses are haywire so this may help………I hope. The cold draw is effortless and there is a hint of chocolate.

15 minutes in- mellow and smooth, age seems to have helped this cigar alot. I was really expecting some harshness, but to be fair this is really a medium cigar with a mild flavor.

30 minutes- my fingers are cold, my patio is cold, but damn this Shank is really getting better. The burn and draw remain great, the flavor profile seems to have intensified but not to the point where I would call it too powerful.

45 minutes- I would have to say this could be one of the best Viaje’s I have had. I would definitely give this cigar or at least the remaining 24 in my box a revisit very soon. This is a cigar to try if you can find them.

Overall, I am giving the Shank, “9 Smoke Rings”! I would like to say this is the best Viaje I have smoked to date, the box was a real bitch to open considering it had 1 inch nails in the corners but damn it has been worth it. Mr. Farkas, make more of these and only these. When you find your groove, stay in it.

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