Viaje Stuffed Turkey

2014-12-14 08.10.06The holidays are here and everyone should try the Stuffed Turkey by Viaje. This is not just a gimmicky holiday release with no geal cigar qualities. I have to say the label looks hilarious and reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn, but this is actually a good cigar.

I have noticed with Viajes they smoke better after you keep them for a few months, which really drives me crazy. I want to buy a cigar and smoke it immediately unless it has been mailed and then I let them rest. The Stuffed Turkey is overall a good cigar. The burn was nice and even on a windy day and the flavors were mild to medium with almost a sweet finish. I picked up the hint of sweetness almost like a maple syrup even on the cold draw and it carried over late into the smoke of this stick.

I will say this is not a flavor or power house cigar but more of a mild after dinner cigar that could be enjoyed with a glass of red wine or like I chose on a nice relaxing dog walk.

Overall, I am giving the Stuffed Turkey by Viaje “5 Smoke Rings”. Nothing jumps out at me with this cigar other than a quality burn and a hint of sweetness. The price would scare me away from these for the amount of flavor that they lack.

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