Viaje White Label Project Stuffed Turkey 5×60

2013-09-13 13.56.52

Viaje White Label Project Stuffed Turkey, was one bold smoke. I picked this up a few months back from a friend and it had been resting nicely, a long day at work (3 hours) deserved something brave and bold and this delivered.

The first thing you notice with this cigar is the flawless construction and the wrapper was perfect. The cigar is a 60 gauge and usually not my first choice but I did enjoy it, and this is just a personal choice and in the past the bigger gauges have fallen apart on me or the wrapper comes apart but this cigar didn’t and I was impressed.

The flavors throughout the entire cigar were consistent and smooth, I picked up a nice flavor of black and I mean really  black coffee with a little bit of a leathery flavor. I had no problem with the burn on this cigar and it was consistent throughout.

I enjoyed this cigar and I am giving it 7 Smoke Rings, if it would have been a smaller size I would have probably given it a higher rating but hey it’s my site and my reviews.

Time to pick out some cigars for the weekend and the big college football games today. I have the rib eye steaks ready for the grill.


3 thoughts on “Viaje White Label Project Stuffed Turkey 5×60

  1. I’ve seen a few of these on Instagram. I’ll have to pick one up sometime because I enjoy the larger gauges on occasion.

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